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The History of Sugaring

The Ancient Middle Eastern’s placed a high importance on cosmetics, both for aesthetic and practical purposes.  Egyptian hieroglyphics described that the slave girls who were serving the Pharaoh were expected to remove their body hair.  To the people of the upper class it was considered to be unclean if you had body hair.

Hair removal dates back to as early as 1900BC.  In the British Museum’s famed Department of Egyptology it displays copper and bronze razors and also tweezers. There is also one combination of a razor/hair cutter/trimmer that dates back as far as 1450BC. These methods however have come a long way since 1450BC because back then it was very painful.

During the Turkish Empire, the harem was an important part of court life and during that time the removal of body hair was considered a form of art.  Therefore the art of hair removal has been handed down through generations and to this day certain Middle Eastern women still practice total body hair removal using sugaring.

After extensive research it has been determined that the current methods of waxing or shaving were only working to a limited extent. It has been found that the ancient form of sugaring could provide permanent, satisfactory results with benefits that would exceed the more commonly used methods such as waxing or shaving.

Now you can get the best results with Sugaring Hair Removal at Holistic Skin Care by Janine in Williamsville NY!


The biggest myth of all is that everyone thinks once you start shaving or waxing is that your hair will grow back faster and thicker. FALSE. There are certain areas of the body that will eventually produce heavier and darker hair through its predetermined programming at the time of birth.

Another myth is that people think with sugaring you need to grow your hair out as long as you do with waxing. FALSE. With sugaring you can actually have your hair shorter and it can still be extracted. The hair for sugaring at minimum has to only be 1/16″ that is just 5 days after shaving!

Now you may be thinking that it couldn’t just be made with 3 ingredients there has to be some kind of chemical in it. FALSE. The sugaring paste is made with just Sugar, Lemon, & Water. The reason why you may be thinking there could be chemicals in the sugar paste is because in today’s market some companies have added sugar with resins/waxes and have called it sugar wax. Not with Alexandria Professional there sugar paste is so safe that you can actually eat it!


The sugaring paste is made from natural ingredients with NO testing on animals and also with no harmful side effects caused by allergic reactions. The sugar paste is so natural you can actually eat it!

With sugaring it is a safer and more effective way to remove hair. Reason being is because sugaring won’t break as many hairs. The sugar wraps around the hair shaft making it more pliable, while it seeps below the mouth of the follicle and then lubricating the hair making the extraction more complete and gentle.

Sugaring is heated up to just a little bit hotter then our body temperature. The sugar paste is heated to as low as 99F or as high as 112F no more then that. Which makes it less irritating for the client and helps prevent any redness you may experience afterwards. With regular waxing it has to be heated to a very high degree in order for it to be liquefied that’s why it can cause burning and scaring. That is also why clients can experience more redness and irritation with waxing rather then with sugaring. Long-term waxing especially on the brow and lip can break down the underlying tissue, witch can lead to wrinkling.

The biggest plus about sugaring is that it leads to permanency after a number of treatments. Which means that after each treatment the hair starts to grow in more refined and starts to slowly diminish. With sugaring being able to extract the shortest of hairs even as early as the Anagen phase helps it lead to permanent hair removal.

Example: If you come in and you are looking to diminish your bikini line before a vacation, you would want to start booking 6-9 months ahead of time and come in weekly to remove the hairs at it shortest length so by the time your vacation rolls around you with be left with little to no hair. 

* Just a little friendly reminder if you do plan on starting sugaring at Holistic Skin Care by Janine and you would like to have a full face done we do test patch before hand.  So at your appointment after being test patched then we can begin the process. *


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