A-LIFT PROGRAM (Aesthetic Lift)

What Is A-LIFT?

β€˜A LIFT’ or Aesthetic Lift is the ultimate, non-invasive, 12 week treatment program that will restore your youthful appearance. Young or old, male or female; anyone will benefit from this powerful anti-aging treatment.Β  A home prescriptive plan will be customized by your DMK Esthetician.

Here’s What DMK A-LIFT Does For Your Skin to Restore Your Youth

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Flushes away toxins from the skin
  • Exercises and strengthens the facial muscles
  • Tightens, tones and firms sagging skin
  • Opens the vascular network bringing essential oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells
  • Stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin to improve firmness and bounce
  • Strengthens the underlying structures of the skin
  • Eliminates redness and unsightly capillaries in the skin
  • Extra nourishment provides a vibrant appearance
  • Reduces unwanted dilated pores


What Happens As We Age

Firstly, the production of collagen and elastin slows down considerably. Both of these critical elements give the skin its firmness and elasticity and they are also responsible for giving the skin its structure and support.

When collagen diminishes, the skin begins to sag and lose its bounce. The skin also becomes thinner and more fragile and fine lines and wrinkles begin to set in.

Blood vessels in the skin also become constricted, weak and fragile. Constriction of capillaries means a loss of the supply of nutrients to the skin.


Why DMK A-LIFT Anti-Aging Treatment Works

To reverse the signs of aging we need to instigate changes within the skin and work on a cellular level. Merely rubbing a compound on the surface of the skin will not reverse the signs of aging!

DMK’s A-LIFT treatment works by stimulating the underlying structures of the skin. This is achieved by giving the skin its own work-out, similar to how you would tone and tighten the body with exercise.

The DMK MUSCLE BANDING technique is the very technique that is applied in the A-LIFT to tighten and tone the skin.

The mechanism of enzyme therapy used in the A-LIFT Treatment flushes away harmful toxins from the skin and strengthens the capillaries encouraging a rich supply of nutrients to the skin.

DMK’s world-acclaimed anti-aging treatments and products are highly effective and deliver excellent results. You can regain your youthful appearance in the most natural way possible without costly cosmetic surgery or BOTOX injections.Β 

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