Holistic Skin Care by Janine now offers Spray Tanning with Alissa.
Alissa has been a Certified Spray Tanning Artist since August 2018, she offers Spray Tanning services in the Spa as well as in the comfort of your own home.

Spray Tanning Menu:
Spray Tan: $25
Mobile Spray Tan: $35 within a 15 mile radius.

* Extra Fee for additional miles*

5 Spray Tans for $100
10 Spray Tans for $200

Spray Tanning Parties:
If you choose to Host a Spray Tanning Party we recommend that you have at least 5 or more people attending the party. The Host receives a ✨FREE✨ Spray Tan and for guests it’s $30 a person per Spray Tan. If you have a Spray Tanning party with less then 5 people the host will receive a $15 Spray Tan and guest will be $35 a person.


  • Exfoliate your skin the day of for best results and a longer lasting tan.
  • Shave or Wax 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Do Not apply lotion to your body the day of your appointment.
  • Do Not wear deodorant to your appointment.
  • Remove all make-up and jewelry prior to your appointment.

What To Wear:

  • Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment. (Perferably Black Clothing)
  • You may wear what you feel comfortable in, if you choose to wear a bathing suit just make sure it’s a darker color. (Nothing White)
  • Men must wear undergarments.

After Care:

  • Wait at least 8-12 hours before showering so that your Tan can develop over time. You may also sleep overnight and shower in the morning if you prefer.
  • When showering after you’ve had a Spray Tan bronzer will wash off in the shower and your Airbrush Tan will be revealed.
  • Mosturizing daily will help your Tan last longer.
  • Avoid light clothing 8-12hrs after your Spray Tan.
  • Avoid excess sweating such as the gym for 8-12hrs after your Spray Tan.
  • Drink plently of water to help keep moisture in your skin.
  • Your Spray Tan should last 5-7 days depending on the after care of your spray tan.
  • Do Not use loofahs or exfoliate your skin until your airbrush tan is gone. Also avoid any Dove products and bar soaps.
  • Your Spray Tan does NOT provide any sun protection, so please apply sunscreen still.

To Book an Appointment or inquire more about Spray Tanning please Call Alissa at 716-989-9237.