Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction

What is Epilfree?

A natural Permanent method of hair removal!

It was Developed by Dr. Yoel Konis PhD. He’s been an expert in the field of chemistry and cosmetics for 31 years. When Dr. Yoel Konis made his formula for Epilfree it was all based on his research of herbs and plants for the healing of skin disease. He found one plant in paticular called Alcanilia Vulgaris also known as “Lady’s Mantle”. This type of plant is know for it’s natural preservatives which slow down the cell division process. When Dr. Yoel Konis PhD tested the ingredients that were chosen to heal the skin, there was just one side effect the hair in the treated area didnt grow back. Hence, Epilfree was created. It’s a Hair Reduction solution that works with your regular waxing/ sugaring routine. The products are applied post extraction of the hair and the results speak for itself. It’s equivalent to having laser treatment’s done, but with less pain.

Before Care:

~ Prior to the treatment the skin must be clean.

~ No oils, powders, lotions, deodorant, perfume, or make-up on the area that is going to be treated.

~ Avoid any direct sun exposure before and after the treatment.

After Care for 6 hours after treatment:

~ No bathing or showering

~ No oils, powders, lotions, deodorant, make-up, or perfume

~ No strenuous exercise

~ Avoid sweating

~ Avoid sun exposure for 24 Hours

~ No threading, waxing, tweezing or shaving


~ How long does the hair have to be for me to get this treatment?

It should be 2.5-5.0mm long to ensure the hair is removed at the root.

~ Can i get this treatment if I’m pregnant or breast-feeding?

No, because it’s not recommend during that time.

~ If I’ve had Botox or want to get Botox done can i still get these treatment’s as well?

Yes, but just be aware that Botox has a chemical that stimulates hair growth. So in return your results could be 30% less then the average person who hasn’t has Botox.

~ How many treatments will I need?

It all depends on the area and the type of hair growth you have. Also if you have deeper rooted hair due to hormonal issues the process can take a little longer as well. Typically we start with a package of 10-12 treatments and then go from there.

~ How often do I need to come for treatments?

We recommend every 4-6 weeks to improve the outcome of the treatments, but depending on your hair growth we can also do sooner then 4-6 weeks as well.

~ Could my Health affect my hair growth?

Yes, some medication’s can affect the growth cycle, food’s you eat, your hormones, and also metabolism are all factors of your hair growth and it’s cycle.

~ Are these products filled with chemical’s?

No, Epilfree is made with all natural ingredients.

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