Skin Classic Treatment for Minor Skin Irregularities

Now offering The Skin Classic treatment at Holistic Skin Care by Janine in Buffalo NY. This treatment uses high frequency radio waves (not a laser) to treat minor skin irregularities such as age spots, skin tags, broken capillaries, sebaceous hyperiplasa, milia, cherry angiomas, and acne.  Nearly any epidermal irregularity can be treated.  Each irregularity only takes a few seconds and the tip of the probe never penetrates the epidermis.  Normally only one treatment is required for complete resolution of the problem area.

Irregularities that can be treated with the Skin Classic:

Seborrheic Keratosis
Skin Tags
Broken Capiliaries
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Cherry Angioma

Why do home remedies that wont work? Why go to the doctor and pay an arm and a leg for removal?

  • The average cost of a skin tag removal in the US is $209 at a doctor.
  • To remove broken capillaries the cost can vary from $250 to $600 per treatment.

*Please note we do not treat anything below the waist.

Please call or email Janinemt1285@yahoo.com to book a consultation!